The Folkvinyls Project site 

presents some discographies of European folk artists. The criteria  to select vinyls and CDs are totally subjective. The audience for this project:  those who wish to know more about this music but also folk collectors. In addition to the discographies, the site offers a bibliography, news about concerts, photos and reviews of new CDs. All the discographies are ordered by release date of the albums. By clicking on the date of an album (if  the link exists),  a specific page shows the albums details including a short comment about it. Note: for an unknown or not found album, no link is available. If several albums have been released the same year, the date is followed by a letter (a, b, c,...). Compilation albums without any original track or any original interpretation are marked by a single asterisk. Collaboration albums are marked by a double asterisk. This site was created by Agostino Roncallo.


Italian / Occitan Artists:

Baraban - Calicanto - Ciapa Rusa - Lou Dalfin -  Andrea CapezzuoliGai Sabèr - Beppe Gambetta -  La Lionetta - Simone Lombardo -  Perlinpinpin Folc - Silvio PeronRiccardo Tesi - Patrick Vaillant



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