Pierre Bensusan, Solilaï


Stockfisch 1981 LP (SF 8009)

Rounder 1981 LP (Rounder 3068)

RCA 1982 LP (RCA PL 37642)

CBS 1989  CD (CBS 465085 2)
Dadgad Music 2009 CD (DM-1004) Complete Works 1975 - 2010


The cover of the CBS CD edition is a photo by Irene Young. All other versions present instead on the front cover a drawing by Patrick Alexandre. Stockfish LP shows on the back cover a photo by Lou Xano and Rounder LP a nice picture by Anne Marie Cornu, perhaps the sister of Doatea who, at the time of the recording, was not yet the wife of Pierre. An interesting point to note that the lyrics of Milton are signed  by Doatea Cornu (in the Stockfish and Rounder versions) and by Doatea Bensusan (in the CBS CD version). The album includes some pieces of an extraordinary beauty as "Suite Flamande aux pommes" and as "Solilai’. The CD editions also include two new versions of  "Doatea" and "Santa Monica", recorded in November 1988. Bensusan is accompanied by the faithful saxophonist Didier Malherbe as well as by Emmanuel Binet and Yvan Lantos.


La copertina qui riprodotta si riferisce all’edizione CBS e la foto è di Irene Young. L’edizione Rounder invece ha sul fronte una elaborazione grafica di Patrick Alexandre e sul retro una bella foto Anne Marie Cornu, forse la sorella di Doatea che, all’epoca del disco, ancora non era moglie di Pierre. E’ curioso il fatto che i testi di Milton risultano scritti da Doatea Cornu (nell’edizione Rounder) e da Doatea Bensusan (nell’edizione CBS). Nel disco ci sono alcuni pezzi di straordinaria bellezza come “Suite flamande aux pommes” e “Solilai”. Bensusan è accompagnato dal fido sassofonista Didier Malerbe oltre che da Emmanuel Binet e Yvan Lantos.



1 - Nice feeling 4:16

2 - Bamboulé 6:58

3 - Au jardin d’amour (Garden of Love) 4:41

4 - Santa Monica 3:43 (LP) / 3:53 (CD) (*)

5 - Suite flamande aux pommes (Flemish Apple Suite) 5:14

6 - Milton 2:30

7 - Solilai 6:26

8 - Doatea 3:37 (LP) / 5:20 (CD) (*)

N.B. The CD version of Solilai (and also the CD Musiques / Solillai) has new recordings of the tracks Doatea and Santa Monica (recorded in November 1988). The length of Santa Monica and Doatea is false on C.W. 1975 2010 CD: length of LP versions instead of CD versions.



Pierre Bensusan: guitares, mandoline, chant, basse, percussion
Didier Malherbe: sax soprano, flûtes
Emmanuel Binet: basse fretless
Yvan Lantos: cornemuse hongroise


Recorded from September, 16 to 27 1981 at "Tonstudio St. Blasien" in Nordheim, West Germany except (*) 1988 versions in November 1988 at Sun Studio, Puteaux, France

Special mention at the Chicago's Naird Indie Awards 1983 in the Jazz category