Pierre Bensusan, Spices


CBS 1988 CD (460855 2) (first or second cover)

CBS 1988 LP (BFM42665) (third cover)
DADGAD 1992 CD (DADGAD CD3) (same photo as on second cover but in black and white)
Rounder 1993 CD (Rounder 3128) (left cover)
Dadgad Music 2009 CD (DM-1005) Complete Works 1975 - 2010 (right cover)


Accompanied by his wife Doatea who, besides being a great vocalist, also takes care of the packaging graphics, Bensusan gives us another work of great value. Among the musicians are the saxophonist Didier Malherbe and the bassist Emmanuel Binet. Very beautiful is the cover photo with a  soft-focus effect. The  CBS CD may also show another cover, an old black and white or sepia photo which depicts some Europeans in the oriental shop of an apothecary.


Accompagnato dalla moglie Doatea che, oltre a essere un’ottima vocalist, cura anche la confezione grafica, Bensusan ci offre un’altra opera di grande pregio. Tra i musicisti l’affiatato sassofonista Didier Malerbe e il bassista Emmanuel Binet. Bellissime le foto di copertina nel loro effetto flou; il cd della CBS si presenta anche con un’altra copertina, una vecchia foto B/N che ritrae alcuni avventori europei in conversazione nella bottega di uno speziale.



1 - La femme cambrée (The arched back woman) 2:55 (*)

2- Mille vallèes (Thousand valleys) 4:42

3 - Le bateau fiction (The imaginary boat) 5:54

4 - Alimatou 1:52 (*)

5 - Agadiramadan 5:44

6 - Shi Big, Shi Mhor 3:58 (**)

7 - La cour interieure (The courtyard) 4:21

8 - The last pint 2:34 (**)

9 - Les voiles catalanes (The Catalan sails) 6:48

10 - Montsegur 6:42

11 - Four A.M. 4:41


N.B. The Rounder CD omits the track 6 and has an extra track Presqu'ile (Peninsula) also available on the CD Bamboulé. The track order on Rounder CD is: 2 - 1 - 5 - 3 - 4 - Peninsula - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11



Pierre Bensusan: guitares, vocals
Denis Benharrosh: percussion, congas, bongos, darabuka, udu, timbales
Emmanuel Binet: basse
Didier Malherbe: soprano & tenor sax, flûte bambou
Franck Sitbon: piano, keyboards
Mico Nissim: piano, keyboards
Georges Al Safi: violon
Doatea Bensusan: vocals
Shandy Sinnamon: vocals


Recorded at Studio Ramses, Paris Summer 1987 except * recorded at Studio Cardinet, Paris 1987 and ** recorded at Mastersound Astoria, New York 1987