Autour de la Guitare  


CD Globe Music "Collection Guitaristes" 2000 (DIC B12932)


Autour de la Guitare (around the guitar), singers and guitarists interpret songs showing their passion for the instrument and standards that are often revisited but still true to the inspiration of their composers. The album includes one composition by Pierre Bensusan. The production is made by Michel Haumont and the illustrations by Thierry Lamouche.


Si tratta di un CD che raccoglie composizioni di diversi artisti, tra cui una di Pierre Bensusan. La produzione è di Michel Haumont, le illustrazioni sono opera di Thierry Lamouche.


Tracks by Pierre Bensusan:

19 - Scarborough Fair (3:30)


Among many artists, one track by Pierre Bensusan


Réalisation Michel Haumont, Illustrations Thierry Lamouche