Pierre Bensusan Presents DAGDAD Guitar  


John August Music 2000 distributed by Mel Bay Publications


This Music sheet book presents each guitarist and gives the music sheet of one of his pieces of music. The book is accompanied by a music CD presenting the twelve tracks. The album includes one composition by Pierre Bensusan.


Questo libro-spartito presenta vari chitarristi per ognuno dei quali presentata una composizione. Il libro accompagnato da un CD contenente 12 tracce. Tra queste troviamo "Flamorgan Air" di Pierre Bensusan. 

The track by Pierre Bensusan:
12 - Flamorgan Air (4:04)



James Earp, Laurence Juber, Doug Smith, Bill Mize, David Surette, Eileen Niehouse, Brooks Williams, Peppino D'Agostino, Adrian Legg, Phil Keaggy, Pete Huttinger and Pierre Bensusan.