Pierre Bensusan, Vividly


Dadgad Music 2010 CD DM-1012


Album dedicated to Pat (Good Times) Milliken. "I am sending you this big smile wherever you are my friend..." (PB)



1.  Veilleuse (Night Light) (4:09)  (dedicated to Reine Bensusan, Lucette Benita and all the mothers)

2.  Le Chien Qui Tourne (The Dog That Loops) (5:17)   (dedicated to Garlic)

3.  Kiss Landing (Atterrissage en Baiser) (3:41)   (dedicated to Tom Kearney)

4. The In Between (L'Entre Deux) (4:22)

5. Dadgad Café (5:08)   (dedicated to Chet Baker)

6. La Java Du Concessionnaire (The Garage Song) (2:57)

7. Astres Et Gnomes (Stars and Gnomes) (2:56)

8. Pas Sage (Wise Step) (5:04)

9. Pirogue (Dug-out Canoe) (2:18)   (dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal)

10. Par Un Beau Soir De Dimanche (By a Bright Sunday Evening - En Public/ Live) (5:26)  (dedicated to Doatea)

11. Mille Pattes (Millipede) (3:04)

12. La Blanche Biche (The White Deer) (6:39)

13. Coup Dans L'Eau (A Punch In The Flunch) (4:29)

14. Les Places De Liberté (Freedom Squares) (6:51)  (dedicated to Djemila Benhabib)


Pierre Bensusan: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal, Harmonies, Electric Bass (4), Percussion (4)
Mah Damba: Lead Vocal (14)
Guo Gan: ErHu (traditional 2 strings Chinese Violin) (4,12)
Claudette Deslonchamps: Lead Vocal and Harmonies (14)
Dally Kouyate: Lead Vocal (14)
Voridio Tounkara: Harmonies (14)
Frank Sitbon: Keyboards (4)
Yvon Guillard: Trumpet and Flugelhorn (14)
Michel Benita: Upright Bass (14)
Hector Gomez: Percussion (14)
Jacky Molard: Violin Layers (4)


Recorded by Stephane Maddy Lecyn from December 2009 to September 2010 at Studio du Chien qui Tourne, Chateau-Thierry, France.
Excepted #10 Recorded Live at Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA, USA on 24/10/02 by Lou Judson
Mixed by Rich Breen at Dogmatic Studio in Burbank (CA, USA)
Mastered by Christophe Henault, Art & Son, Paris, France
Produced by Pierre and Doatea Bensusan

Music composed by Pierre Bensusan excepted #10 Trad. arranged by Pierre Bensusan
Lyrics: Doatea Cornu Bensusan (2,8,14), Nina Swan (4), Pierre Bensusan in collaboration with Doatea (6).

Front photograph by Guillaume Thuret: Son Holding The Sun.
Verso photograph by Bernard Prud'homme
Inside photographs by Jack Gescheidt & Nina Swan
Back CD and Inside photographs by Theophile Bensusan
Design by Allen Greenhall- AG Design (UK)
Foreword by Balthazar Forcalquier