Pierre BensusanEncore


Dadgad Music 2013 - 3CD DM-1013


A triple live album is a symbolic event in the career of an artist. It’s necessary to have plenty of available live material to choose from. The life of Pierre is just devoted to touring since 40 years. As explained by Pierre the introduction video to Encore, the live music is different from the music in studio in terms of ambiance, context, risk taking, urgency... Before Encore, his live albums are only a live CD with Didier Malherbe in 1997 and a solo concert on DVD in 1995. Despite many people ask him live records at the end of concerts, he thought that live music belongs to the instant and after done to the past. Only maybe 100 of his about 3000 concerts were recorded and he never listened to them. Jacques Panis (Quart de Lune) suggested him to publish a live album to celebrate his 40 years of career. To increase the choice for Encore, he asked Peter Jones of WTJU radio (Charlottesville, Virginia) about the live recordings made in that town where he used to perform each time twice (one concert in French only and one concert in English): after six months, Pierre received a pile of CDs for 15 shows. It took some months to create Encore and in the process, the number of CDs moves from 1 to 3. The challenge was to harmonize all these moods, all these sounds, all these acoustics. Rich Green and Dave Bevan have succeed to produce a great overall rendition. Listening to the album proves to be pleasant and surprising. The Lowden guitar sound (Pierre is using Lowden guitars since 1978) is enhanced in some situations, for example in Intuite (CD3), recorded November 10, 2009 in Graz (Austria) . This new work contains a lot of surprises: 

- 5 tracks from the first ever live concert Pierre recorded at Epalinges in Switzerland in 1975 with Bill Keith’s bluegrass band (CD2 tracks 1-5): Tracks 1 and 5: Pierre plays the mandolin with Bill Keith’s band. Tracks 2 to 4: solo tracks with Pierre on guitar. This was recorded before his first album Pres de Paris. 

- The two duet compositions played with the keyboardist Jordan Rudess ( "Welsh Arrow Suite" on CD2 and " Anthem for the Ocean " on CD1 ) recorded November 7, 1998 in St Martin de Boulogne (France). Pierre was committed to play at Tendances Festival with a huge choir of children from 8 to 16 years old and invited Jordan Rudess. That concert was divided in three parts (solo, duet with Jordan (2 tracks) and finally both of them with the choir). 

The album is produced by Pierre and Doatea Bensusan for DADGAD Music. Jacques Panis (Quart de Lune) is the executive producer. Mixing and mastering were done by Rich Breen at Dogmatic Studio in Burbank (California). Additional mixing was performed by Dave Bevan at Alive Network Studios in Newcastle under Lyme (UK). Allen Greenall designed the cover.


Tracks CD 1 :

1 Intro – Babillage, 2 L'Alchimiste , 3 Kadourimdou , 4 Anthem For The Ocean (feat. Jordan Rudess, prev. unreleased) , 5 Agadiramadan , 6 So Long Michael , 7 Cordillière , 8 Silent Passenger , 9 Bamboul'hiver (prev. unreleased) , 10 Pas Sage , 11 Bourrée Voltige , 12 Damasqueros (prev. unreleased).

Tracks CD 2 :
1 Ruben (prev. unreleased) , 2 One Morning In May , 3 Jigs: Merrily Kissed the Quaker - Cunla , 4 Gavotte , 5 Detour (prev. unreleased) , 6 Demain, dès l'Aube , 7 Nice Feeling , 8 Dame Lombarde , 9 Lê Lendemain de la Féte , 10 The Welsh Arrow Suite (feat. Jordan Rudess, prev. unreleased) , 11 Swi Sios Fa Mo Dhidean (prev. unreleased) , 12 La Femme Cambrée , 13 Feeding The Birds (prev. unreleased) , 14 Celtic Medley (prev. unreleased).

Tracks CD 3 :
1 Wu Wei , 2 Intuite , 3 Sentimentales Pyromaniaques , 4 La Nuit Des Météores , 5 Alimatou , 6 Le Chien Qui Tourne , 7 Chant De Nuit , 8 Bamboul'été (prev. unreleased) , 9 Dadgad Cafe - Hymn 11 , 10 Les Voiles Catalanes , 11 Falafel A Montségur , 12 Lunar Tide (prev. unreleased).