Old Swan Band, No Reels


Free Reed Records FRR 011 (LP, UK, 1977) - Free Reed Records FRRR 05 (CD, UK, 2008)


A suggestive cover art opens the first album of The Old Swan Band. The band includes the sisters Jo and Fi Fraser. The producer is Neil Wayne, The music was recorded at Livingstone Studios by the sound engineer Nick Kinsey.


Una suggestiva grafica di copertina inaugura il primo album della Old Swan Band, di cui fanno parte le sorelle Jo e Fi Fraser. Il produttore è Neil Wayne, la registrazione è avvenuta ai Livingstone studios per merito del fonico Nick Kinsey.


Tracks Side A:

Walter Bulwer's Polkas, Nos. 2 and 1 (2.52) - The Dannish Waltz / The Indian Polka / Rigs of Marlow (2.50) - Belle Isles March / Lass of Richmond Hill / Once I Loved a Maiden Fair (3.10) - Not for Joe / Oscar Wood's Polka / Heel and Toe Polka (5.49) - The Sherborne Waltz / Lovely Nancy (2.38) - Bonnets So Blue / Starry Night for a Randy / Uncles Jig (3.40) - George Privett's Polka / Percy Brown's Polka (2.23) - The Manchester Hornpipe / The Cliffe Hornpipe (4.55)


Tracks Side B:

The Blakeney Breakdown / William Kimber's Schottische-Hornpipe (3.07) - The Winster Gallop / The Four-Hand Reel / The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue (4.16) - Dan Leno's Boat (2.46) - Woodland Flowers / Oscar Wood's Jig (3.13) - Lucy Campbell / Nip the Bunny / Mr Rew's Polka (3.54) - Up the Sides and Down the Middle / The New-Rigged Ship (3.10) - Bonny Breast Knots / Getting Upstairs / The Blue-Eyed Stranger / The New Killarney Polka (2.48) - The Curly-Headed Ploughboy / The Quaker / Three Around Three (4.10)



Rod Stradling, two-row and four-stop one-row melodeons, baritone Anglo concertina - Danny Stradling, tambourine, triangle, drum - Martin Brinsford, mouth organ, melodeon, drum, tambourine, skulls - Fi Fraser, fiddle, banjo-mandolin - Jo Fraser (Jo Freya), whistles, recorder - Ron Field, banjo, banjo-mandolin, autoharp