Old Swan Band, Old Swan Brand


Free Reed Records FRR 028 (LP, UK, 1979) - Free Reed Records FRRR 14 (CD, UK, 2008)


That record, second and wonderful album of the band, was produced by Neil Wayne in collaboration with Rod Stradling, who is also the author of the cover. The design is by Lynn Breeze. All songs are traditional and arranged by the band, apart from "The British Man of War / The Redower Polka / Scan Stepdance's No 2 / The Crabfish Stepdance" by Rod Stradling. The album was recorded by Nick Kinsey always at Livingston Studios.


Secondo e splendido album del gruppo, prodotto in questo caso da Neil Wayne con la collaborazione di Rod Stradling che è autore anche della copertina. Il disegno è di Lynn Breeze. Tutti i brani sono tradizionali arrangiati dalla band, ad eccezione di "The British Man of War / The Redower Polka / Scan's Stepdance No 2 / The Crabfish Stepdance" di Rod Stradling. Il disco è stato registrato da Nick Kinsey sempre ai Livingston studios.


Tracks Side A:

The Matelot / Michael Turner's Jig No 3 / Captain Lemo's Quick March (3.22) - The King of the Gypsies (2.52) - Can't Stop Polka / The Evesham Stick Dance (3.28) - Jack Tar on Shore (3.27) - Stoney's Waltz / Neriah Benfield's Waltz / Jack Robinson (5.00) - April Morning (3.52)


Tracks Side B:

The British Man of War / The Redower Polka / Scan's Stepdance No 2 / The Crabfish Stepdance (5.54) - The Bunch of Violets (4.52) - Symondsbury Mummers' Tune / Dr Casey's Fin Book / My Love, My Love (2.58) - Fare Thee Well Dearest Nancy (4.32) - Trip to the Forest / The Triumph / The Bourton Six (3.19) - Speed the Plough (2.59)


Rod Stradling, two-row and four-stop one-row melodeons - Danny Stradling, tambourine, triangle, bass drums - Martin Brinsford, mouth organ, tambourine, four-stop melodeon, drums, various percussion - Fi Fraser, fiddle, hammered dulcimer - Jo Fraser (Jo Freya), whistles, piano - Ron Field, banjo, autoharp - Mel Dean, Anglo concertina, bass trombone