Old Swan Band, Gamesters, Pickpockets and Harlots


Dingle's Records DIN 322 (LP, UK, 1981)


Third album, released by Dingle's Records. The producer is Dave Foister and the recording engineer Alan Morow. The beautiful cover is designed by Lynn Breeze. The pianist Richard Valentine joins the group.


Terzo album, pubblicato in questo caso dalla Dingle's. Il produttore diventa Dave Foister, autore della registrazione è in questo caso Alan Morow. La bella copertina è anche in questo caso disegnata da Lynn Breeze. Entra a far parte del gruppo il pianista Richard Valentine.


Tracks Side A:

The Woodcutter's Jig / The Swedish Dance (3.24) - Stephen Baldwin's Schotttisches Nos. 1 and 2 / The Kennet Jig (4.34) - Story: The Fire Brigade - The Vine Tree (2.45) - Little Polly / Double Figure Eight (4.25) - The Worcestershire Hornpipe / Morning Star (3.35) - Old Heddon of Fawley / The Marriage Vow (2.07)


Tracks Side B:

Give Us Some Treacle and Bread / Mrs. Claxton's Polka (4.06) - Story: The Cricket Match - The Gloucester Hornpipe / Polly Put the Kettle on (4.08) - The Quickstep / Trip to the Forest - Over the Hills to Glory / Bobbing Around - The Sloe (2.28)



Martin Brinsford, mouth organ, C-melody saxophone, percussion, four-stop melodeon - Paul Burgess, fiddle, piano, cornet, crumhorn, mandolin-banjo - Fi Fraser, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, clarinet, viola - Jo Fraser (Jo Freya), whistles - Danny Stradling, tambourine, triangle, pedal bass - Rod Stradling, two-row and four-stop one-row melodeons - Richard Valentine, piano


Ken Langsbury, vox humana [3, 9]