Token Women, The Rhythm Method


(1992)  No Masters Voice NMWCD2


This is the first of two albums produced by this female band led by Jo Freya. The repertoire does not only focus on the British folk music, but also opens an eye on the French music. You may find a certain kinship with the Cock and Bull Band. The band performs a beautiful performance of Blowzabella’s Horizonto. The album, produced by Barry Coope, was recorded by Marc Johnson at Meadow Farm Studio. The original cover art is by Pete Brown.


Ecco il primo dei due album  prodotti da questa band al femminile capitanata da Jo Freya. Il repertorio non riguarda solo il folk britannico ma anche apre uno sguardo su quello francese. Una certa parentela si potrebbe trovare con la Cock and Bull Band; dei Blowzabella si può sottolineare una bella esecuzione di "Horizonto". L'album, prodotto da Barry Coope, è stato registrato da Marc Johnson al Meadow Farm Studio. L'originale grafica di copertina è di Pete Brown.



The Gypsy's Hornpipe (Trad) / Sleep Sound in the Morning (Trad) - Tiennet (Patrick Buffard/Giles Chabenat) / Les Poules Huppet (Patrick Buffard/Giles Chabenat) - J.J. (Jo Freya) - Alimony Run (Pete Coe) - Schottische de Lande (Trad) / Polka d'Avignon (Trad) - Harvey's (Jo Freya) / Finnish (Schottisches) (Trad) - Somewhere the Sun is Shining (John Tams) / The Rainbow Waltz (John Tams) - Nechells (Jo Freya) / Sac du Thé (Jigs) (Jo Freya) - Walter Bulwer's, 2 and 1 (Trad) - London Schottische (Andy Cheyne) / Horizonto (Paul James) - Once in a While (Steve Ashley) Nuttella (Kathryn Locke) - The Lawnmower and the Hippo (Jo Freya) / Reels des Jeunes Mariés (Trad) / The Grumbing Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman (Trad) - Haunt (Jo Freya)