Jo Freya, Traditional Songs Of England


Saydisc 1993  (CD-SDL 402)


Produced and arranged by Gef Lucena, this CD features 70 minutes of excellent traditional music, arranged and performed with a great sensitivity (the version of "Geordie" for example). In addition to Jo Freya stands out the presence of Blowzabella’s Nigel Eaton. The booklet including the texts has a dozen of pages. The photographs of the covers, by the same Gef Lucena, are honestly a bit 'stereotyped.


Prodotto e arrangiato da Gef Lucena, questo CD presenta 70 minuti di ottima musica tradizionale, arrangiata e interpretata con grande sensibilità (da sottolineare la versione di "Geordie" per fare un esempio). Oltre a Jo Freya spicca la presenza del "blowzabella" Nigel Eaton. Il booklet coi testi possiede una ventina di pagine. Le fotografie di copertina, onestamente un po' oleografiche, sono dello stesso Gef Lucena.



All Things Are Quite Silent - As I Set Off To Turkey - As Sylvie Was Walking - General Wolfe - Though I Live Not Where I Love - Sailor's Life - Rounding The Horn - Lord Franklin - Unquiet Grave - Broomfield Wager - There Was A Lady All Skin And Bone - Geordie - Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man - Bold William Taylor - Lovely Joan - Blacksmith Courted Me - Carnal And The Crane - Green Cockade - Fourpence A Day - Streams Of Lovely Nancy - Sweet England



Jo Freya: voice, whistle - Fi Fraser:  harmony vocals - Paul Burgess:  violin, recorders - Flos Headford:  violin - Dave Townsend:  concertina, accordian, violin - Nigel Eaton:  hurdy-gurdy - Nick Hooper:  guitar - Kathryn Locke:  cello - Alison Crum, John Byrant, Elizabeth Liddle, Susanna Pell: treble, tenor, bass and great bass viols.