Andy Cutting, Chris Wood, Live at Sidmouth


(1994) RUF Records RUFCD03


In this stunning album, recorded live in Sidmouth by Jes Riley,  ChrisWood and  Andy Cutting are accompanied by Morten Alfred Hoirup on guitar. The cover was designed by Chris  and "edited" by Andy. Among the compositions, the most noticeable one is the initial set: "L'autre bout du monde" (composer: the legendary Jean Blanchard), "Adders" (composer: Nigel Eaton, a friend of Andy in Blowzabella) and "Valse des Jouets" (composer:  Michel Faubert).


In questo splendido live, registrato a Sidmouth da Jes Riley, Wood e Cutting sono accompagnati da Morten Alfred Hoirup alla chitarra. La copertina è stata disegnata da Chris Wood e "editata" da Cutting. Tra le composizioni maggiormente apprezzabili c'è il "set" iniziale, "L'autre bout du monde" (del mitico jean Blanchard), "Adders" di Nigel Eaton (compagno di Andy nei Blowzabella) e la "Valse des Jouets" di Michel Faubert.



1. Set La Cardeuse - 2. Le Bout du Monde / L'Autre Bout du Monde / Adders - 3. When First I Came to Caledonia - 4. Quadrille des Laurentide / Unknown - 5. Waltz Clog - 6. The Lazy Farmer - 7. Brandy - 8. Hares on the Mountain / Elizabeth Clare - 9. Une Autre Fois / Le Canal en Octobre - 10. Potourris of Reels - 11. Valse des Jouets - 12. Newly Weds / La Voyager - 13. J'ai Vu le Loup



Andy Cutting (Melodeons) - Chris Wood (Fiddles, Guitar, Vocals)