Token Women, Out of Lunch


(1995)  No Masters Voice NMWCD6


A wonderful album that was produced by Token Women assisted by Jez Riley. The track "Fragrant Vagrant" by Jo Freya is fascinating and charming. The music was recorded by David Pick at the Free For Good, except the beautiful composition "The Lost Elephant" by Kathryn Locke and  “9, The Paddocks / The Shrews Bourrée” at Panda Sound by Ray Williams. The cover design by Heather McCoy is quite kitsch.


Un album splendido, prodotto dal gruppo Token Women, assistito da Jez Riley. La variazione "fragrant Vagrant" di Jo Freya è affascinante e suggestiva. La registrazione è stata effettuata David Pick al Free For Good, ad eccezione della bellissima composizione di Kathryn Locke "The Lost Elephant", registrata al Panda Sound da Ray Williams. Il disegno di copertina di Heather McCoy è alquanto kitch.



Grommet / Fragrant Vagrant - The Lost Elephant - Jo's Jig / Vertigo - Tarlo / Ghost Guardian - Bad - Beasting Pudden Wi' Legs On - Ippy Merde - The Silverton Polka - The Paddocks / The Shrews Bourée - I Can Dream, Cant'I? - Oppning / Synapse Collapse - Max Baxter's