(1995) Phonogram 314526527


Paul  James (pipe, recorder) and Cliff Stapleton (hurdy gurdy) take part in this album of the group Monsoon (featuring Sheila Chandra) proposing a watered-down Indian pop, with veins of world music. The whole thing is frankly unbearable and listen the CD to the end is not so easy.


Paul James (pipe, recorder) e Cliff Stapleton (hurdy gurdy) si impegnano in questo album del gruppo Monsoon (featuring Sheila Chandra) che propone un annacquato pop indiano, con venature world. Il tutto è francamente insopportabile e arrivare alla fine del CD non è facile.



1. Wings of Dawn - 2. Tomorrow Never Knows - 3. Third Eye and Tikka T.V. - 4. Eyes - 5. Shakti (The Meaning of Within) - 6. Ever So Lonely - 7. You Can't Take Me With You - 8. And I You - 9. Kashmir - 10. Watchers of the Night - 11. Indian Princess - 12. Sunset over the Ganges - 13. Ever So Lonely - 14. Wings of Dawn - (Hindi version) - 15. Ever So Lonely - (Remix, remix) - 16. Ever So Lonely - (Instrumental Remix, instrumental remix)



Martin Smith (vocals, sitar, tamboura, accordion, piano, bass guitar, tabla) - Steve Coe (vocals, piano, organ, gong) - Bill Nelson (guitar, electric guitar) - Cliff Stapleton (hurdy-gurdy) - Clem Alford, Dari Mankoo (sitar) - Chris Hunter (flute) - Paul James (pipe, recorder) - Merrick (keyboards, drums) - David Balfe (synthesizer) - Preston Heyman (gamelan, ghatam, cowbells, tambourine, tom tom, gong).