BordunMusik Fest (Live in Kremsmünster)


(1997) Akreabel CD 0198

BordunMusik-Fest is a live sampler CD of the 1997 edition of the festival located in Kremsmünster (Austria). The album is produced and distributed by the Akrea company. Simon Wascher (Austrian hurdy-gurdy player) was the artistic director and the chairman of the festival that was dedicated to the drones’ instruments, especially to hurdy-gurdy and to bagpipe. He also wrote the notes of the booklet (available in German and in English). The quality of the recording is quite poor regarding the actual standards, but the recording is however interesting from an historical point of view. In 1995, when, in fact, Blowzabella no longer existed, Ian Luff convinces Jon, Andy, Nigel and Dave, to play a concert in Bath. From 1996 to 2001 they played a few gigs each year as Blowzabella and wrote some new tunes. Among these concerts, they performed at BordunMusik-Fest in 1997. The album includes a version of the "Last Chance Bourrée / Famous Wolf" medley. The album presents also Nigel Eaton accompanied by the beautiful voice of Julie Murphy (i.e. Whirling Pope Joan) in three tracks: "Ffoles Llantrisant", "Rouanez Karet An Arvor" (a previously unreleased track) and "Bloodlines".

BordunMusik-Fest è un CD prodotto e distribuito dalla casa discografica Akrea e contiene la registrazione live del festival che ogni anno si svolge a Kremsmünster, in Austria. L’organizzatore è Simon Wascher che è anche autore delle note del booklet, in lingua tedesca e in lingua inglese, all’interno del quale egli spiega come il festiva sia dedicato agli strumenti a bordone, hurdy-gurdy and bagpipe in particolare. La qualità della registrazione non è certamente alta ma è comunque interessante. I Blowzabella partecipano con une versione del medley “Last Chance Bourrée / Famous Wolf”. Ma c’è anche Nigel Eaton, accompagnato dalla bella voce di Julie Murphy, con tre composizioni: “Ffoles Llantrisant”, “Rouanez Karet An Arvor” e “Bloodlines”.


Tracks of Blowzabella members:

3 - Julie Murphy & Nigel Eaton: Ffoles Llantrisant (4:28), 5 - Julie Murphy & Nigel Eaton: Rounaez Karet An Arvor (5:31), 15 - Blowzabella: Last Chance Bourree / Famous Wolf (5:38), 16 - Julie Murphy & Nigel Eaton: Bloodlines (4:11)