Token Women, Elsa


(2001) No Masters  NMCD18


The group, which focuses on the sisters Jo Freya (sax, clarinet and vocals) and Fi Fraser (fiddle, clarinet and vocals), reveals very good qualities, i.e. sophisticated arrangements and creative people (who would have thought you could play a reel with a trombone?). But particular attention should be given also to "Wychwood," a beautiful air composed by Heather Vigar Horsley. The booklet notes are organized by Fi Fraser, while the striking cover is made by Bryan Ledgard on the basis of a photograph of Dean Rogers.


Il gruppo,  incentrato sulle sorelle Jo Freya (sax, clarinetto e voce) e Fi Fraser (violino, clarinetto e voce), rivela davvero ottime qualità: gli arrangiamenti sono sofisticati e creativi (chi avrebbe mai detto che si potesse suonare un reel con un trombone?). Ma particolare attenzione va posta anche a "Wychwood", una bellissima aria composta da Heater Vigar Horsley. Le note del booklet sono curate da Fi Fraser, mentre la suggestiva copertina è opera di Bryan Ledgard sulla base di una fotografia di Dean Rogers.



Spootiskerry/Battle of Antrim - Bantry Bay/President Garfields - Cuckoos Nest/Danish - Foula Reel/Da New Rigged Ship - Earl of Mansfiel - Wychwood/Glorious Thirteenth - Mikenda One - Gerry O'Connors/Cleveland Park - Scottish Set - An Dro - Godmother/Il Est Bien Temps - Calliope House/Juniper Jig - Dubuque/Bill Cheethams


Jo Freya (sax, clarinetto e voce) - Fi Fraser (violino, clarinetto e voce) - Jacky Allen (violini) - Alice Kinlock (trombone, tuba) - Jo May (percussioni) - Heater Vigar Horsley (Tastiere, flauto)