Grégory Jolivet, Alt'o Solo


(2008) AEPEM  (AEPEM 08-01)


A beautiful layout, created by Irvine Pinson, accompanies the first solo album of Blowzabella.’s hurdy-gurdy man Gregory  Jolivet. He plays with mastery his alto hurdy-gurdy,  exploiting all possible opportunities including percussion. The cover photographs are by Thierry Pinson. The recording took place in Corbeval thanks to Laurent Le Gal. Gregory says:

"Moving from the essential to the specific, that's what I want to express.
To play only what seems necessary.
To perform only what comes from within.
To flirt endlessly with my unconscious.
To Rely on a support of colors for conditioning.
From red to indigo for elevating the mind and for captivating the feelings.
In this colored context, the balance of the hands is perfect and the fluid playing is at the peak of its energy.
The mind does not control the so played notes.
The body gives way to many effects from this alto multifaceted hurdy-gurdy"


Una belle veste grafica, realizzata da Irvine Pinson, accompagna questo primo album del ghirondista dei Blowzabella. Jolivet suona con maestria la sua vieille "alto", sfruttandone ogni potenzialità, compresa la percussione. Le fotografie di copertina sono di Thierry Pinson. La registrazione è avvenuta a Corbeval per merito di Laurent Le Gall.



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