Blowzabella, Dance




The new, powerful, live and self produced Blowzabella’s record is released in the Spring of 2010. The pieces belong to the repertoire of Blowzabella and were recorded live by Mark Simms at the concerts of Exeter, Bath, and Lincoln.  Each interpretation includes innovative refinements. The booklet notes are by Paul James  and the beautiful cover art is entrusted to The photos were taken by Jez Prout, Lieve Boussauw and (for Jo Freya) Peter Abrahams.


Il nuovo, formidabile, live dei Blowzabella esce in autoproduzione nell'autunno del 2010. I pezzi appartengono al repertorio dei Blowzabella e sono stati registrati live da Mark Simms in occasione dei concerti di Exeter, Bath e Lincoln. In ogni esecuzione si trovano innovative raffinatezze.Le note del booklet sono di Paul James mentre la bella grafica di copertina è affidata a quelli della Le fotografie sono di Jez Prout.


1. Jan Mijne Man / Go Mauve 4.42 Composer: Trad. / Ian Luff 
2. Molton / Sur la Rance 3.46  Composer: Jon Swayne / John Swayne - Nigel Eaton 
3. The Bay Tree / Molinara 4.27  Composer: Andy Cutting / Jon Swayne 
4. Penda's Fen / The White Rose / Epic Branle 6.46  Composer: Jon Swayne / Paul James / Trad. 
5. The Rose of Raby 4.50  Composer: Dave Shepherd 
6. The Man In The Brown Hat / Spring Dance 6.30  Composer: Cliff Stapleton 
7. Derrière Les Carreaux / Mominette 5.14  Composer: Frederic Paris / Maxou Heintzen 
8. In Continental Mood / The Old Queen / Flatworld 5.42  Composer: Andy Cutting / Ian Luff / Andy Cutting 
9. Horizonto 4.00  Composer: Paul James 
10. Il n'est plus temps / Famous Wolf 5.37  Composer: Michel Pichon / Nigel Eaton 
11. The New Hornpipes 3.57  Composer: Dave Shepherd 
12. The A Minor Mazurka / Motorway Mazurka 4.51  Composer: Ian Luff / Jon Swayne 
13. Blowzabella / Shave The Monkey / Boys Of The Mill 4.49  Composer: Trad. / Paul James / Cliff Stapleton 

Andy Cutting: Diatonic Button Accordion.
Jo Freya: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Whistle in G and Low Whistlle in D.
Paul James: Bagpipes in G, Bagpipes in D, Soprano and Alto Saxophones.
Gregory Jolivet: Electric Alto Hurdy-Gurdy.
Dave Shepherd: Violin, Octave Violin.
Barn Stradling: Electric and Acoustic Bass Guitars.
Jon Swayne: Bagpipes in D, Bagpipes in G, Alto and Soprano Saxophones. 

Andy Cutting: Diatonic Button Accordions by Castagnari.
Jo Freya: Selmer Super Action 80 Mk II Tenor Saxophone, Selmer Super Action Mk III Soprano Saxophone, Buffet Clarinet, Overton Whistle in low D and Susato Whistlle in G. 
Paul James: Mouth Blown Border Bagpipes in G and D by Jon Swayne, Selmer Mk VI Soprano Saxophone (c1972) and Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone (c1939).
Gregory Jolivet: Electric Alto Hurdy-Gurdy by Philippe Mousnier.
Dave Shepherd: Gut Strung Violin labelled Antonio Paganini, Octave Violin branded Guseto.
Barn Stradling: 4 string Musicman Stingray Electric Bass Guitar and Fylde Magician Acoustic Bass Guitar.
Jon Swayne: Bellows Blown Border Bagpipes in G and in D by Jon Swayne, Selmer Super Action Mk II Soprano Saxophone, Yamaha YAS-61 Alto Saxophone. 


Recorded Live in Exeter, Bath and Lincoln by Mark Simms, October 2009. 
Mixed by Paul James - Mastered by Adam Skeaping.
Front House Sound Engineer George Moore.
Sleeve Notes by Paul James - Design by
Photographs: Jez Prout, Lieve Boussauw and (for Jo Freya) Peter Abrahams.