Old Swan Band, Swan for the Money

WildGoose WGS378CD  (CD, UK, 2011)

Here is the return of The Old Swan Band, an historical group of the British folk. The group is now produced by Doug Bailey and by John Adams. The recording took place at the Wildgoose Records studios. The musical style of this group is very special: fiddles and harmonica, strong brass, original and creative percussions are all gathered together by a rhythmic and sweet at the same time piano. Tony Hall’s drawings for the cover are really original. The photos were taken by Ian A. Anderson.

Ritorna la Old Swan Band, gruppo storico del folk britannico, oggi prodotto e registrato da Doug Bailey e John Adams presso gli studi della casa discografica WildGoose. Lo stile musicale di questo gruppo è molto particolare: esso è condotto da violino e armonica, robusti ottoni, percussioni originali e creative, il tutto coagulato da un pianoforte ritmico e dolce nello stesso tempo. I disegni di Tony Hall per la grafica di copertina sono veramente originali. Le fotografie sono di Ian A. Anderson.


1 Mrs O’Dwyer’s/Packie Russell's - 2 The Queen’s Jig/The Basque Jig - 3 Walter Bulwer's 2 & 1 - 4 Staffordshire Hornpipe/Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunts - 5 Dashing White Sergeant/Brighton Camp - 6 Woodcutter's Jig/The Swedish Dance - 7 Gloucester Hornpipe/Polly Put the Kettle On - 8 The Sloe/The Sweet Briar/Double Figure 8 - 9 The Vine Tree/The Gentiane Marzurka - 10 The Earl of Mansfield/Bobbie Shaftoe - 11 In and Out the Windows./Down the Road - 12 The Matelot/Michael Turner's Jig/Captain Lanoe's Quick March - 13 The Rose/J.B.Milne - 14 Grand Chain/Grommet

Fi Fraser, fiddle - Paul Burgess, fiddle - Flos Headford, fiddle - Jo Freya, saxes & whistles - Neil Gledhill, bass sax - John Adams, trombone - Martin Brinsford, harmonica & percussion - Heather Horsley, piano keyboard