Blowzabella - More Scores (2018)


This book contains all the tunes and songs composed, arranged and recorded by Blowzabella on the albums "Strange News" (2013) and "Two Score" (2018) and a few others too. Some of the tunes are accompanied by partial arrangements which readers may find useful in developing their own ideas and arrangements. In most cases the musical tempi can be taken as appropriate to the relevant dance, but we have added metronome marks to those tunes where there might be doubt. The music was scored, edited and compiled by Jon Swayne. Dance instructions by Dave Shepherd. Other text by Paul James. Layout by Jon Swayne. Cover design by Natalie Peter-Budge. Front cover photography - pinhole camera photograph by Paul Woloschuk. January 2018.

481 - 481 (Saxes) - Cotillon  - Ham Street - Ham Street (Saxes) - I'll Have a Nimpy  - Juggler's Jig - Kendal Ghyll  - The Diggers - Turner's Dm  - Turner's Gm – Umberella

Grenoside Processional Dance - Grenoside Processional No I - Grenoside Processional No 2 - Jacky Tar - Lark Descending - New Road to Alston - New Road to Alston (D Shepherd) - The Broken-time Hornpipe - The Reel (The Wonder Hornpipe)

CC – Colin - Colin (Saxes) - The Belvedere - Main Dans la Main

Black and White Box - Le Petit Chien  - Le Vicaire  - Shed No 9  - The Long Drive - Ubu The King

3/8 Bourrées: Coteeto


Avant Deux de Bourdouneau  - Kesteven Processional - Kesteven Processional (Pipes, Clar) - Kesteven Processional (Whistles)

2/4 Bourrées:

Billy Ruffian - Commoner's Lot - De Montford  - De Montford (Pipes, Bass Clarinet) - De Montford (Saws) - Hostilite  - Magaloufou  - Magaloufou (States) - Malique  - Mooch - The Schoolhouse - Westcott  - Westcott (Pipes, Bass Clarinet)

Car Colston  - Scarrington  - Screvcton


Bhaskar's  - Camdence  - Camdence (Saxes)  - Half Maid  - One For Sorrow  - One For Sorrow (Saxes) - Origin of the World - The Glass House - The Glass House (Saxes) - The Maple Tree - The Maple Tree (Saxes) - The Muffler


All Things Are Quite Silent - Adam Was a Poacher - Blackberry Fold - Bushes and Briars  - Nelly Was a Milkmaid - Searching For Lambs - Strange News (The Blacksmith) - Uttoxeter Souling Song


Cornish Four-hand Reel - Grenoside Processional Dance - Kendall Ghyll  - Sidbury Four-hand Reel