Kevin Burke & Jacky Daly, Eavesdropper


Mulligan 1981 LP  (LUN 039)


Un disco tradizionale in cui il violino di Kevin Burke e l'accordeon di Jacky Daly dialogano molto bene. La copertina arricchita dalle belle fotografie di Nigel Vincent.


1. Victory Reel/London Lasses/Courting Them All
2. Scully Casey's Jig/Eavesdropper
3. Johnny Leary's/Micko Russel's Slides
4. Rose In The Garden/Andy McGann's
5. Garrett Barry's
6. Steeplechase/Graf Spee
7. Blackbird
8. Killoran's/Hilltop/Jim Coleman's
9. Palm Sunday/Burnt Old Man
10. O'Connell's Trip To Parliament/Fairy Reel
11. Paistin Foinn An (Air And Hornpipe)/Atlantic Sound
12. O'Keefe's/Trip To The Cottage