Oysterband, The Big Session, Volume 1


GERMANY (CD) Westpark Music 87105 (20 September 2004) - UK (CD) Westpark Music 87105 (31 August 2004)


La Oyster organizza questa fantastica "big session" che comprende Eliza Carthy, June Tabor e la Handsome Family. Ma il cd non è frutto di incontri occasionali, bensì il risultato di un lavoro comune molto attento. Ne sono un esempio le splendide versioni di "John Barleycorn", "Country Life" e "The Cuckoo's nest". Il booklet contiene eccezionali fotografie, opera nientemeno che di David Newton  e David Angel. Insomma, il produttore Rob Keyloch ha fatto le cose in grande.



John Barleycorn (Traditional) 3'42" - Whitehaven (Brett Sparks / Rennie Sparks) 2'46" - Lowlands (Traditional) 4'02" - Country Life (Steve Knightley) 5'11" - Fuse (Eliza Carthy) 4'31" - Ten Thousand Miles / Hungarian March (Traditional) 5'33" - The New Jerusalem (Minnie Cooper / Jim Eanes) 2'21" - When That Helicopter Comes (Brett Sparks / Rennie Sparks) 2'55" - The House Carpenter (Brett Sparks / Rennie Sparks) 3'20" - The Cuckoo's Next (Traditional) 5'15" - We Shall Come Home (Ian Telfer) 4'33" - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peter Hook / Ian Curtis / Bernard Summer / Stephen Morris) 3'22" - Factory Girl (Traditional) 6'19" - Country Life ("I Like To Rise") (Traditional / Norma Waterson) 4'35" - The Cornish Farewell Shanty (Traditional)  2'17"


Recorded Live on: 18, 19 and 20 May 2004 with a small audience at Bush Hall, London by The Blue Mobile - Sound Engineers: Jim Hurst and Andrew Tulloch - Production Manager: Phil Nicholas - Produced by: Rob Keyloch - Mixed by: Rob Keyloch at Church Walk Studios, London except Track 10 mixed by Jim Moray - Executive Producer: Rob Challice - Mastered at: Sound Mastering, London - Photographs & Packaging Design: David Angel and David Newton - Produced for: Westpark Music, Cologne