Alain Pennec, Fabulations Sonores


CD Editions Alain Pennec  2012 - CAP 55


Prodotto da Laita, questo nuovo album di Alain è statoregistrato e mixato da Florian Chauvet allo studio Talm di Bains sur Oust nel Maggio 2012. Tutto nasce da uno spettacolo di maschere, create da Nathalie Michel,che hanno accompagnato un concerto spettacolo svoltosi in un "auberge" di cui Alain non rivela il nome. Alla realizzazione del Cd hanno poi contribuito altri amici musicisti, tra cui Soig Siberil con tre composizioni: "Jean Devant, "Aube Mauve" e "Abril". Sicuramente un album di pregio. Consigliato.


Produced by Laita Productions, Alain’s new album was recorded and mixed by Florian Chauvet at TALM studio (Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany) in May 2012. This album contains the revisited music of the fantasized solo concert (c.f. the foreword below). The masks used in the show are created by Nathalie Michel. Some fellow musicians bring in not only their musical knowledge but also some wonderful fruits of their imagination.  Soig Siberil contributes with three compositions: "Jean Devant," Aube Mauve” "and "Abril ". This album is definitely a fine album. Recommended

Foreword by Alain Pennec: 

"It starts as a usual evening concert at an inn. A musician prepares his instruments. Behind him is a wall on which are fixed some mysterious masks, and before him is the audience. However tonight, thanks to this musician, masks will awake and reveal their secrets. With the music will then mix the story of colorful characters, music inspired by decades of travel and meetings and the false or true story of a may be imaginary village, all well established in Breton and Celtic roots. "

"Listen well, young boys and you, young girls ... "
This album is the music of this revisited solo "fantasized concert" ...

01. Jean Devant (Soïg sibéril) / Le Reel à Bébé Kro (3:31) - 02. Chanson de Julie: "Amusons-nous Fillette" (2:40) - 03. Marche pour Castelao (2:34) - 04. The Little Cascade/ Les Reels à Mado (6:02) - 05. Lilas / Fleur de l’Océan (5:25) - 06. Xota la Piquera (5:37) - 07. Aube Mauve (3:47) - 08. Les Reels à Riton Bon Dieu (2:41) - 09. Abril / Omaïo / Jota de Ourense (4:54) - 10. La Batelière (3:51) - 11. Masurka pour Loïza (intro du spectacle) (2:22) - 12. Ridée de La Chignole / Ridée Coco (3:12)



Alain PENNEC: Accordéon, flûte
Laurent Hilairet: Piano
Soig Siberil: Guitares
Sylvain Fabre: Percussions
Rory Campbell: Bodhran