Waterson:Carthy, Common Tongue


CD Topic Rec.  1996 (TSCD 488)


The album was produced by Tony Engle and recorded at Panda Sound Studios by Oliver Knight. The arrangements are lively like the cover, designed by John Haxby with photographs by Tom Howard. Wonderful is the interpretation of "Lowlands of Holland". Barnaby Stradling sounds fine on "Rackabello" and "Lowlands of Holland".


Il disco è prodotto da Tony Engle e registrato ai Panda Sound da Oliver Knight. Gli arrangiamenti sono vivaci così come la copertina, disegnata da John Haxby su fotografie di Tom Howard. Splendida è l'interpretazione di "Lowlands of Holland".  Barnaby Stradling suona egregiamente su "Rackabello" e "lowlands of Hollands".



Rambleaway - Norma / Valentine Waltz (4.35), Claudy Banks - Eliza (6.45), Rackabello - Martin (3.48), Lowlands of Holland - Norma (4.44), Grand March in the Battle of Prague / Liverpool Hornpipe / Wellington Hornpipe - tunes (5.26), Meeting is a Pleasure - Norma and Eliza (3.53), Hares in the Old Plantation - Martin (4.03), Flash Company - Norma (3.05), Maid Lamenting - Eliza (5.10), American Stranger - group (3.18), French Stroller - tune (2.21), Polly's Love (The Cruel Ship's Carpenter) - Norma (4.40), Stars in My Crown - group (2.59)


Tracks 1a, 2-4, 6, 8, 13 trad. arr. Waterson:Carthy

Track 1b trad. arr. Saul Rose

Tracks 5, 7, 11 trad. arr. Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy

Track 9 trad. arr. Eliza Carthy

Track 10 trad. arr. Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy, Elaine Waterson & Maria Gilhooley

Track 12 trad. arr. Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy



Martin Carthy, vocals, guitar, mandolin - Norma Waterson, vocals - Eliza Carthy, vocals, fiddle


Saul Rose, melodeon [1, 3-4, 5c, 8], vocals [13]; MacLaine Colston, hammered dulcimer [4, 5bc]; Barnaby Stradling, bass [3-4, 5bc]; Lal Waterson, Maria Gilhooley, vocals [3, 10, 13]; Mike and Eleanor Waterson, vocals [13]