Eliza Carthy, Heat Light & Sound


Topic Records TSCD482 (CD, UK, 1996)


Eliza Carthy revives the tradition of English violin music. The album was recorded by Oliver Knight at Panda Sound Studios and produced by Eliza and by Tony Engle. The cover presents a photograph of Tom Howard with a sophisticated graphics processing by Miles. Also, in this album, the bass player Barn Stradling works very effectively.


Eliza Carthy rivitalizza la tradizione del violino nella musica inglese. L'album è stato registrato da Oliver Knight al Panda Sound e prodotto dalla stessa Eliza insieme a Tony Engle. In copertina una fotografia di Tom Howard, nella ambito di una raffinata elaborazione grafica di Miles. Anche in questo album il basso di Stradling lavora molto efficacemente.



Cold, Wet & Rainy Night / The Grand Hornpipe (6.14) - Cumberland Waltz / Petit Homme / Miss Bowls' (6.08) - What a Beau Your Granny Is / Stone Steps (2.55) - Ten Thousand Miles / Bacca Pipes (5.57) - Clark Saunders (5.45) - Stamps for the Dog (2.02) - Peggy (3.37) - Blind Fiddler (2.53) - Lady Barnsley's Fancy / Trip to Cartmel / Hardy's Crow (4.20) - By Then (4.39) - Sheath and Knife (5.37) - Jacky Tar (4.39) 

All tracks Trad. arr. Eliza Carthy except Tracks 7, 10 Eliza Carthy - Track 11 Trad. arr. Eliza Carthy, Dan Plews



Eliza Carthy: vocals, fiddle, monster and five string fiddle - Dylan Clarke: double bass, vocal, percussion - Martin Ellison: melodeon - James Fagan: bouzouki, vocal - Thorn Fontenot: triangle - Olly Knight: electric guitar - Dan Plews: guitar - Barnaby Stradling: bass guitar - Sam Thomas: drums, percussion, vocal - Jock Tyldesley: fiddle - Hazel Wrigley: keyboard