Eliza Carthy, Red

Topic Records TSCD493 (CD, UK, 1998)


A superb album, arguably one of the best by this performer of British folk music. Perhaps thanks to the musicians who surround her, Olly Knight on electric guitar in the first place, you can listen to the disc with pleasure. Superb traditional arranged version of "Billy Boy". The cover photographs are as always by Tom Howard. The producer and sound engineer, this time, is Niall Macauley. Barnaby Stradling works closely with the arrangements on tracks 3, 6a, 7a, 7c, 9.


Superbo album, forse uno dei migliori di questa interprete del folk britannico. Forse anche grazie ai musicisti che la circondano, Olly Knight alla chitarra elettrica in primis, il disco si lascia ascoltare con piacere. Stupenda la versione trad. arr. di "Billy Boy". Le fotografie di copertina sono come sempre di Tom Howard. Il produttore, nonché ingegnere del suono, è in questo caso Niall Macauley. Barnabi Stradling collabora attivamente agli arrangiamenti delle tracce 3, 6a, 7a, 7c, 9.



Accordion Song (Accidental Saturday Night Kitchen Mix) (4.50) - 10, 000 Miles (3.04) - Billy Boy / The Widow's Wedding (5.04) - Time in the Son (3.28) - Stumbling On (3.39) - Stingo / The Stacking Reel (6.13) - Greenwood Laddie / Mrs Capron's Reel / Tune (6.02) - Walk Away (3.35) - Adieu, Adieu (4.34) - Russia (Call Waiting) (5.56) - Red Rice (4.22) 

Tracks 1, 4, 10 E. Carthy
Track 2 Trad. arr. E. Carthy
Track 3, 6a Trad. arr. E. Carthy, S. Thomas, B. Stradling, M. Green, N. Macauley, O. Knight
Track 5 L. Waterson, O. Knight
Track 6b Kathryn Tickell pub Coquetdale Music
Track 7a Trad. arr. E. Carthy, B. Stradling
Track 7b Nancy Kerr pub Fellsongs
Track 7c, 9 Trad. arr. E. Carthy, S. Thomas, B. Stradling, M. Green, N. Macauley
Track 8 Ben Harper pub EMI / Virgin
Track 11 E. Carthy, Shack, Paul


Eliza Carthy: fiddle, vocals, one-row accordion, keyboards - Martin Green: piano accordion, keyboards - Barnaby Stradling: electric & acoustic bass, percussion, Moog synthesiser - Sam Thomas: drums percussion, Moog synthesiser - Ed Boyd: acoustic guitar - Olly Knight: electric guitar - Shack & Paul: programming - Lucy Adams: backing vocals - Rory McLeod: harmonica - Andy Thornburn: guest keyboards